Our Story

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Joe, the owner of Zion Furniture and Upholstery, has a long history and experience with furniture. Joe recounts that some of his earliest child hood memories include jumping on beds, building forts out of tables and chairs, sitting on chairs to eat dinner and lounging out in comfortable fashion on a sofa to watch movies. It was at this early stage in life where Joe began to realize the importance of a well-built piece of furniture. It took several years until his dream would become a reality.

Joe began his illustrious debut in the manufacturing world at the age of 4. It was at this young age where he got his first taste of what would turn out to be his life's passion. His father worked for a furniture manufacturer as a fabric cutter. On occasion he would bring Joe into work with him and after his father had completed his work Joe was then allowed to run up and down the 50 foot long cutting tables. It was there under the dimly lit fluorescents that he fell in love with building furniture. It has been said by those closest to him, that he was "spitting tack" before he could walk.

During his teenage years he could often be found helping out at his uncle’s upholstery shop doing odd jobs and learning the ropes of the trade. It was there that he learned that in the right hands outdated furniture could be re-upholstered and made to look new again. As his experience grew so did the job opportunities. His skill set eventually led him to an opportunity upholstering leather furniture, where hard work and his sharp skills opened doors for him. He was asked to head up product development, which was a rewarding challenge and lead to many opportunities in product development, design, and mass production.

You could say that when it comes to furniture Joe is a "jack of all trades." He can do anything from fixing up grandma’s old rocker to building a comfy bed to designing and building your ultimate dream chair.